Family Traditions

Whether you'll be near family this unique holiday season, or you're staying cozy in your own place, we feel sure there are a few traditions to be upheld this year.

What does "family tradition" mean to you? It could be a favorite dish made every Thanksgiving, baking cookies on Christmas Eve, or snuggling up by the fireplace to tell stories. No matter what ritual you uphold year after year, or how this one will look different, those moments feel like home. They might bring you back to a simpler time, or make you feel closer to someone special far away.

The Family Traditions limited collection we've put together immediately inspired these feelings; candles with specific scents to jog memories, cozy blankets for classic movie watching, seasonal mugs to keep your cocoa hot. The stockings are meant to be filled with sweet treats and jewelry gifts, fleece pullovers to stay warm on a walk to see the neighborhood holiday lights, and the aprons are just waiting to be broken in with some flour and sugar that didn't quite make it into the bowl.

When we started selecting these items carefully, we knew the Gulch location was the perfect backdrop to showcase this limited run. But we didn't want to leave out our friends who pass through town from time to time, so we're offering the collection online as well!

We can't wait to post some of our favorite traditions! What are some favorites in your family?