Self-Care Saturdays

Designating a day for self care when you have such a busy week (girl, we feel you!) is so important. If you're not taking care of you and spending some time to recharge, how can you do all that you do?!

Here's a list we've compiled of things we've gotta do to stay sane, what would you add?


Writing through your day, your thoughts, and planning out your future goals are all great ways to spend time with yourself! Get a pen that writes smoothly, a beautiful journal, and spend even just 5 minutes working out some of the stuff that's knocking around.


No, really. Obviously, you know you have to drink water, but are you drinking enough? Different experts say different things about the suggested amount you should drink, and we'll let you do your own research to find out what's best. We're going to say just sub out an extra coffee or another glass of wine for some of that good H2O!

 Spa Day

Spa days can look unique from gal to gal. Maybe you like a good hair mask, a bubble bath, doing your nails, or some cucumber slices over the eyes. Spending a little extra time pampering yourself will not only help you unwind from your busy schedule, but it will also get you ready for the new week!

Get Your Veggies In!

Our favorite way to accomplish this: smoothies! Get an extra helping or two of your fruits and veggies with a super food smoothie, and it will feel like dessert (or you can be like us and have the dessert too. It's called balance.) However you prefer to make sure you get your extra greens, do it! Your mind and body will thank you!

Move Around

Exercise is not a one-size-fits-all situation! Go for a jog if that's your vibe, but there are other ways too! Go for a swim, dance around the house, stretch to a yoga YouTube video, or hike in your favorite park. It also can mean other things too, like do some crafting, cook a meal, or garden!