Tennessee State Gifts When You Are Homesick

It's tough being away from home. When you leave your home state, it can feel like being in another country. You miss all your usual comforts and haunts, not to mention your friends and family. Everyone who moves away from home deals with being homesick sometimes, and the best cure can be to take comfort in things that remind you of home. If a bottle of Jack Daniel's just isn't going to cut it, you have plenty of other options to help ease your homesickness. As a brand based in Franklin, TN, we're always prepared to shout about all the incredible things our home state has to offer. If, like us, you really believe that Tennessee is "America at its best", you might like some of our gifts to ease your homesickness for Tennessee or help someone in need to feel better.

TN Home State Necklace

This cute necklace in the shape of Tennessee state is the perfect accessory to wear wherever you go. Take a little piece of Tennessee everywhere with you, thanks to this delicate necklace, available in gold or silver color options. The tiny heart in the middle of the necklace subtly shows your huge love for your home state too. The pendant comes on an adjustable 16" chain, so you can fit it to display the necklace wherever you want to show it off.

Tennessee Wine Glass

Tennessee wine glass

If you enjoy a glass of wine at the end of a long day, our Tennessee wine glass is just what you need when you're homesick. With a silhouette of the state on the side, featuring a dainty heart in the middle, you can show off your love for TN while you're sipping on your favorite burgundy or chardonnay. Of course, it's not only good for wine. The tumbler shape makes it perfect for anything from whiskey or cocktails to fruit juice o cold ice tea. Use it at any time of the day, whether you pour a glass of OJ for breakfast or you're having drinks with friends in the evening. This great quality glass will become your new best friend.

Candleberry Tennessee Whiskey Candle

Tennessee candle

Sometimes one of the things you miss most is all the scents of home. We love the Candleberry Tennessee Whiskey Candle so much that we use it in our store to create the sweet scent of southern comfort. This large candle has a delicious smell of sugar and spice, helping your home away from home to smell like your true home. If you're feeling homesick, light it up to help you relax and think of home. It's also a great scent to have throughout your home if you have guests. Show them what it feels like to be enveloped in the arms of the place you love so much.

Tennessee Home T-Shirt

Tennessee t-shirt

If Tennessee is your home, why not let everyone know? Our Tennessee Home T-Shirts are some of our favorites. Whether you've moved away to college or you're going halfway around the world, you will always have a reminder that Tennessee is your home with one of these comfortable and stylish T-shirts. Currently available in gray, with a scoop neck, the T-shirt features an image of Tennessee state, with the word "home" in the middle, so there's no mistaking where you come from and where you call home.

BNA Hats

BNA Hats

There are plenty of cities that are known by their international airport code, although Nashville's BNA might not be so well-known outside of Tennessee. If you want a slightly more subtle way to show that you love Nashville and everything it stands for, our BNA hats are perfect. Available in black, navy, charcoal or burgundy, these unisex hats are a great way to stay in touch with your home state. Keep the sun off your face on a sunny day, cover up your don't-have-time-to-wash-it hair, or just make sure you look super cool before you leave the house.

Finnleys Mug

Finnleys Mug

Fans of Finnleys will love our Finnleys mugs. Featuring the Finnleys logo, it's a great way to support a local Tennessee business and remind yourself of home. Everyone can always use a mug, whether you use it to drink hot chocolate, coffee or maybe wine when you can't find a clean glass. The other great thing about our solid mugs is that 100% of the sales goes to one of the charities we choose. That's currently the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which is perfect for our pretty, pink mugs. Not only will you be thinking of home as you sip from your new mug, but you can also feel all warm inside because you're supporting a good cause.

Finnleys Gift Card

Finnleys Gift Cards

Buying a gift for someone who's homesick for Tennessee but unsure what they would like? A gift card for our store lets them choose what they like, whether it's one of our perfect Tennessee gifts or something from our clothing collection. If you know someone who loves Finnleys but you know she's picky about gifts, or you're wary about buying her something that doesn't fit, a gift card can solve both those problems.

Feeling homesick can be tough to deal with. Sometimes you just want to jump on the first flight home or get in your car and start driving. It might still be a while before you can next get back to Tennessee and catch up with your friends and family, but in the meantime, you can take comfort in some things that remind you of home. There's nowhere that beats Tennessee and Finnleys is here to remind you of how awesome it is.

Make sure you check out our local new styles online or by coming into the store in Franklin to visit us. We're always adding new products and updating all the things we have on offer. From fun gifts to stylish, comfortable clothing, we have something for everyone, and we love all things Tennessee. Get yourself a treat or gift someone else who's missing home to help them feel closer to Tennessee.