Hannah in Dress on Couch

Meet Hannah

    Height: 5' 11" Size: Small

    A coffee lover and mother of two fluff-puppies, Hannah loves modeling, photography, working out, and blogging. Hannah is passionate about promoting body-positivity, and working to help woman feel better about themselves. Hannah describes herself as driven, outgoing, and personable. Fun Fact: she can belt some classic country tunes with the best of them!

    Felicia in Blue Jumpsuit

    Meet Felicia

      Height: 5' 5" Size: Medium

      Felicia is a wife, dog mom, positive thinker and a fashion lover! She has always believed, and still believes, that whatever good or bad fortune that comes her way she can always give it meaning and turn it into something of value. But if she can’t, at least she looks good trying!

      Emily in Shirt

      Meet Emily

        Height 5' 7" Size: Small

        Emily brings her passion for health and helping others from Detroit, Michigan. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer here in Nashville. Outside of the gym, Emily runs a health and wellness business, The Anywhere Office, and empowers women across the country to take control of their health, wealth, and happiness. In her spare time you can find her with a margarita in hand enjoying live music, hiking, or planning her next travel adventure.

        Lauren with Sunglasses

        Meet Lauren

          Height 5' 8" Size: Small

          Lauren’s a 20-something gal with a passion for healthy-living for the mind, body, and soul. With a BFA Degree in Musical Theatre(songwriting emphasis); she’s found that music and self-reflection have driven her to pursue all aspects of her creative mind. When she’s not busy working on product development and community-building with her mother for their Female-Focused health brand, Fearless Keto, you can find her playing ukulele on the couch, writing music, or researching the most aesthetically-pleasing brunch spots all over Nashville.